My name is Alex and I am an entrepreneur in multiple businesses. I reside in the Los Angeles area of the beautiful state of California (or “Cali” as we refer to it). I love to save money any way possible, so when I discovered couponing, I was instantly hooked. My main passions are couponing and managing my coupon blog.

I have been couponing for 9 years now. My favorite places to shop are Target, CVS, Walgreens, and Amazon. Shopping is a lot of fun and when you add in the thrill of getting a great deal, it makes it that much better.

In 2011, I decided to start this blog in hopes of helping thousands of people shop smart and save lots of money. I will be posting weekly deals, tips, tutorials and many other things to help you out. If you follow my advice, you will become a coupon expert in no time.

I recently revamped my entire website and I am really excited about all the possibilities that come with it. Welcome to the new CaliCouponChick.net!



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