Hurry to score this , Lipstick Charger 3350mAh Xcentz, Compact External Battery Premium Aluminum(RED) for just $8.99 !!! use code : G7Q3W92N at checkout !! 

  • ✔Handy Backup Battery: Recharged fully in3-4 hours and can power up an iPhone 8 1. 2 times and charge 80% for iPhone And Galaxy S9.
  • ✔Every-day-carry Charger: Lipstick-sized portable charger weighs only an egg(0. 8 X 0. 8 X 4in/3oz), sliding easily next to your phone in any pocket or purse.
  • ✔Grade A Look and Quality: Made of premium aluminum shinning upon light, durability and fancy looking.

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