This , OxGord Portable Shelf Storage Organizer Closet   is $27.99 + FREE shipping !! reg price $70!!

Protect your garments from dust, moths and dirt while being organized! Choose OxGord portable closet. Our versatile garment closet is designed to stow away all of your items securely without damaging your walls.

  • Durable and Sturdy (Support up to 100kg evenly distributed)
  • Easy Assembly (No tools required)
  • Space-Saving, Great for Dorm Rooms
  • Side Shoe Racks
  • Includes: 42 Long Tubes, 30 Short Tubes, 2 Hanging Rods, 9 3-Joints, 22 4-Joints, 9 5-Joints, 8 Foot Tubes, 8 Foot Covers, 13 Shelving Cloths, 1 Cover, Instructions


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