WOW Great price for this 2-Piece Set: Women’s Cozy Thermal Top & Matching Pants, only $8.99 Shipped! reg $60!! Choose from multiple colors !!

When the weather gets chilly, there’s a good chance you’ll want to snuggle up under your blankets and work from a pillow fort all fall and winter—but you can’t. You have to begrudgingly drag yourself to work in the cold, wondering why you didn’t take a work-from-home job. For those days where it’s just too cold to get out of bed, there’s this Cozy Thermal Top & Matching Pants. Wear this while you’re catching some ZZZs or taking the day off—this set will keep you comfy and warm all day long. We know your office requires “business casual dress,” but that doesn’t mean you can’t be totally comfy when you’re not at work. Grab a pair today!

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